Monroe, McDonough, Goldschmidt and Molla, PLLC
has reorganized into three separate specialized new law firms,
each in their own new office location

MMGM has ceased doing business effective October 31, 2014

Monroe, McDonough, Brent & Morales, PLLC
2500 North Tucson Boulevard, Suite 140
Tucson, Arizona  85716
Phone:  520.292.2500

Mike Monroe has retired.  Mr. Monroe has agreed to allow his name to appear in the new firm.  Attorneys Larry McDonough, Heidi Rib Brent and Anne Morales, together with their staff, will continue their practice of real estate law, probate and estate planning, business law and litigation related to those areas.

Goldschmidt Shupe, PLLC
6700 North Oracle Road, Suite 240
Tucson, Arizona  85704
Phone:  520.265.4HOA (4462)

Attorneys Carolyn Goldschmidt and Mike Shupe, together with their staff, will continue their practice in all areas of homeowners association law, assessment collection and related litigation, as well as general real estate law.

Burris & MacOmber, PLLC
2478 East River Road
Tucson, Arizona  85719
Phone: 520.775.2000

Attorneys Rob Burris, Richard Burris and Karl MacOmber, together with their staff, will continue their law practice focused on business and real estate litigation and transactional matters, international law, estate planning and personal injury.

Attorney Negatu Molla has retired.

All of the lawyers who are continuing their law practices look forward to continuing to provide clients with highly effective and competent counsel and representation.   All the attorneys will carry on working with and cooperating with one another in overlapping areas of the law.

Thank you to all MMGM clients for the opportunity to serve each and every one of you.  Please feel free to call us at any time if you have any further questions or if we can be of service to you in your future legal needs.